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April 2012 Archives

North Carolina couple accused of fraud with company credit card

Many working North Carolina residents are given company credit cards to use for certain work-related things. Different companies have different rules on how often and for what employees can use company cards. If those expectations are not made clear, an employee may use a card too liberally, possibly leading to criminal charges.

Wilmington car accident sends 2 drivers to hospital

When operating a motor vehicle, a reasonable duty of care must be assumed for others in or near the roadway. Although a car accident cannot always be avoided, paying attention to pertinent traffic laws and being vigilant on the road can help drivers avoid collisions. Recent news in Wilmington highlighted a car accident where one of the drivers apparently failed to stop for a red light and struck another vehicle.

Gaston County man faces murder charges after fight with brother

On the night of April 6, North Carolina police were summoned to a home in Gaston County. A 43-year-old man was found dead of gunshot wounds in the backyard of the residence. His 47-year-old brother was arrested and charged with the violent crime.

North Carolina man victim of fatal hit-and-run

A 22-year-old North Carolina man was struck and killed by an SUV on April 7 while walking on Potter Road in Wesley Chapel. Witnesses traveling immediately behind the SUV saw it hit what they believed to be a deer, and then continue on its way. The same witnesses also said the vehicle stopped down the road, and the driver got out of the SUV to examine the extent of damage from the Saturday night car accident.

Another Wilmington heroin bust leads to drug charges against 4

Wilmington police are saying another huge heroin bust has led to the seizure of 7,500 bindles of heroin and put a large dent in the North Carolina drug trade. The bust comes after what was characterized as a lengthy investigation by the Wilmington Police Department. Four people are now facing drug charges as a result.

Willmington pickup truck accident results in death of 17-year-old

A freak truck accident resulted in the death of a North Carolina teenager on March 30 in Wilmington. The 17-year-old was sitting in the back of a pickup truck attempting to hold down a mattress that was leaning against the roof of the truck cab when the accident occurred. Suddenly a gust of wind blew him and the mattress out of the back of the pickup truck on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. The teen suffered head trauma from the fall, resulting in his death.

North Carolina car accident kills a father and son

A North Carolina man is on trial in Wilmington and facing several charges after causing a fatal car accident. A father and son had been training outdoors one spring morning when they were struck by the man's car. The driver was charged with two counts of felony death by motor vehicle, two counts of second-degree murder and other related charges. The tragic case highlights the potential car accident dangers of driving while under any type of impairment.

Violent crime case takes strange turn in Wilmington

A Wilmington man is facing serious legal trouble after being accused of a violent crime involving the shooting of two men on Feb. 13. The man was arrested on a warrant on March 15 and is being held on charges of attempted murder in the New Hanover County Jail. This violent crime case entails a strange twist because one of the alleged victims is accused of later leading police on a chase after leaving a dying child at a Brunswick County hospital.

Lack of oversight, more fatal bus accidents

Buses travel cross country, carrying dozens of passengers at a time. When traveling at high speeds and for long hours, these trips can be dangerous, even without considering maintenance issues. Before buying a bus ticket, or letting your college student take a commercial bus home for the weekend, be aware that some of these buses are not getting appropriate inspections, despite the record number of deadly crashes throughout the nation.

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