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Successful Personal Injury Cases

Partial Listing of Our Firm’s Successful Cases.

Below are a few of many examples of Woody White Law Firm PLLC ‘s successful cases.

Sexual Assault Civil Recovery – $1,100,000.00 – 2023

Woody White represented a minor victim of a sexual assault and successfully recovered more than $1 million dollars in damages. Via an appointed Guardian Ad Litem, Woody petitioned the Superior Court of North Carolina to approve a structured settlement for the minor child and worked closely with the victim’s family and the annuity expert to ensure a long-term financial payout that will help the victim in her recovery.

Automobile/Civil – $1,000,000.00 Settlement – 2023

Woody White represented a family from Castle Hayne in New Hanover County, North Carolina who were victimized by a drunk driver. After consuming opioids, the driver crossed the center line, and hit the family’s car head-on. The grandmother was killed instantly, and one of the three grandchildren in the backseat was severely injured. Woody was successful in finding three separate policies that applied and recovered the maximum policy limits on each. He also formally resolved and had all medical liens in the case, compromised ensuring that the family members received even more of the total funds available. Woody’s experience in both criminal and automobile law allowed him to work closely with the District Attorney’s Office who pursued Murder charges against the drunk driver that caused such a tragic event.

$250,000 Settlement

Woody successfully represented a young couple, who were pedestrians and walking in a crosswalk at Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Their injuries were significant, and included a broken back, scarring and disfigurement, and extensive medical bills. This event permanently altered their lives, stopping them in their tracks and requiring months of rehab and medical attention.

This settlement included multiple insurance policies, and represented the full value of the claims that existed.

$500,000 Settlement

Woody White represented a husband and wife that were severely injured by a drunk driver in Brunswick County, N.C. The wife suffered a broken back, and the husband suffered a broken knee and hip injuries. Both had extensive recovery after surgeries. Woody was effective in finding a significant liability policy and insurance from the couples employer that applied to their loss.

A critical part of the success on this case is because of how effectively Woody White worked with the N.C. State Trooper that investigated the criminal actions of the drunk driver, and also with the District Attorney’s office as the case was processed through the criminal court system.

$680,000 Wrongful Death Recovery

A husband and wife were riding near Wilmington NC, on their motorcycle on a beautiful, clear, fall day. Suddenly, a care turned in front of them, causing a severe collision. The husband died as a result of the collision, and his wife had a hip, leg, and facial injury. We represented the widow in her estate proceeding, and were successful in combining 3 different insurance policies for a combined recovery of $680,000.00. Although no amount of money would ever be enough to replace her lost husband, this recovery will allow her to stay in her home, and aid as she moves on with her life. Because our attorneys are experienced in the complexities of liability and Underinsured insurance coverages, we guided her through this tough time with as favorable an outcome as could be expected, under these difficult circumstances.

$125,000 Verdict

Woody White obtained a $125,000 verdict in New Hanover County Superior Court against a drunk driver who caused a head-on collision with the plaintiff. The defendant denied proximate cause and contested punitive damages, but a jury returned a verdict for both compensatory and punitive damages.

$200,000 Settlement

In 2011, a 25-year-old young lady was riding a scooter in downtown Wilmington when she was hit by a careless driver, under the Memorial Bridge. Although she had established the lane of travel, he recklessly turned in front of her, causing a serious collision. She suffered a broken leg that required a permanent fixator to be installed in her leg. After a lengthy rehab regimen, she recovered from her injuries and resumed working.

Woody White worked with her to preserve the evidence, as well as procuring witness statements, and following the at-fault party’s case through the court system. He helped the injured client prove damages for her medical bills, lost wages and permanent partial disability. He also successfully negotiated her hospital lien down in order to allow more of the settlement to be used by the client.

$200,000 Recovery

A wife and mother of two, on her way to the grocery store on a Saturday morning in the gated community of Landfall, was hit head-on by another driver. The plaintiff suffered severe injuries to her legs, knee and ankle, and was immobile for over a month. She had a permanent partial disability rating of 6 percent, but otherwise made a full medical recovery. At the scene of the wreck, the Wilmington police officer used his dashboard camera to survey the damage of the wreck and captured video tape of the plaintiff being loaded into the ambulance. This footage is rare, and helped in describing the trauma of the scene and the resulting injuries.

The insurance company was represented by an experienced and senior claims representative, and recovery of $200,000 was made after nearly three months’ negotiations.

$200,000 – Recovery Against Drunk Driver

Woody represented a UNCW College student, who was involved in a serious collision with a drunk driver. The collision occurred at the corner of Martin Luther King Highway and S. College Road, and the drunk driver registered a .21 on the Intoxilyzer. The wreck caused the UNCW student to suffer a severe broken leg, and he needed two surgeries to fully repair his leg. The drunk driver was also driving the car without having any insurance, and Woody worked with the UNCW student’s family in stacking insurance coverage from two different policies that provided coverage. The settlement represented full recovery from all applicable policies.

The insurance companies were not represented by counsel, but by individual claims’ representatives.

$130,000 – Wrongful Death Involving Bicyclist

A bicyclist was run over by the driver of an automobile and suffered extreme head and body injuries, from which he never recovered. Initially, liability was denied by the insurance company for the driver, but after extensive and detailed work which established that the bicyclist was properly in the lane of travel, the insurance company resolved the case. Woody worked with the family and was able to obtain coverage from two insurance policies. He represented them through the Estate Administration process, helped them through the medical lien minefield and brought the case to a favorable conclusion.

Head-On Collision Involving 18-Wheeler – $600,000 Settlement

Woody represented the plaintiff who was driving her car home from work along with her mother and young daughter, when she was involved in a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler that was driving in the center turning lane attempting to merge with oncoming traffic. The driver of the 18-wheeler was negligent in that he was moving forward but not looking forward; the defendant was looking in his rearview mirrors and collided with a pickup truck that was lawfully trying to make a left turn from the center lane. That pickup truck then collided with plaintiff’s car causing severe injuries to plaintiff’s arm. Plaintiff has had multiple surgeries, is unable to work at her former job that she had held for 13 years and is now permanently disabled. Woody assisted the plaintiff in recovering $600,000 from the trucking company’s insurance, who was represented by a well-known civil defense attorney.

Slip and Fall Resulting in Head Injury Settles for $150,000

Woody successfully represented the plaintiff in a lawsuit involving an accident that occurred when the plaintiff went into the defendant’s business and slipped in standing water that had leaked from a faulty refrigeration unit. The plaintiff’s injuries resulted in a concussion and injuries to the brain that caused the plaintiff to suffer from multiple grand mal seizures. Defendants included both the business and the repair company that failed to repair the refrigeration unit in an acceptable manner.

After lengthy litigation with opposing counsel, Woody was able to settle the matter for $150,000.

Physical Harassment in the Workplace Resulted in Settlement and Defendant Being Charged With Felony Assault

The plaintiff, a young woman working as a waitress at a chain restaurant was assaulted by the manager causing glass to be embedded into her eye. The defendant had a history of violent behavior of which the restaurant was aware. The management of the restaurant chain had transferred the defendant to this area from another restaurant after they received several complaints from other employees regarding his physical abuse. Woody assisted the plaintiff with receiving a settlement for a personal injury that could have been avoided if the chain restaurant had taken action when it was first informed of the defendant’s volatile behavior. Woody also assisted the plaintiff with bringing the matter to the attention of the local police. The defendant was charged with felony of assault inflicting serious bodily injury, a class F felony and was found guilty. He was incarcerated serving an 11- to 14-month sentence in the North Carolina Department of Corrections.

Victim of Negligence/Auto Recovers $288,000

Teenager Talking on Telephone Runs Red Light

The plaintiff, a professional taxidermist, was injured in a life-altering accident due to a teenage girl running a red light while talking on the telephone with her boyfriend. After the accident, the plaintiff was transported to New Hanover Regional Hospital and was diagnosed with a broken right knee cap and a shattered ankle. The plaintiff had to go through several major surgeries to repair both the knee and ankle. The injury resulted in the plaintiff being unable to stand for long periods of time, which resulted in no longer being able to do the only work he had known for three decades. Woody was able to obtain a settlement in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $288,000. The damages were contested, but because the insurance company ultimately changed its opinion as to fault, it was unrepresented.

Rottweiler’s Swipe at 5-Year-Old Results in $115,000 Settlement

A 5-year-old girl was playing with another child on the defendant’s premises in October 2005. According to the plaintiff’s report, the defendants had left a 14-year-old Rottweiler dog unattended and sleeping in an open garage area. The children went to pet or play with the dog, who, when awakened, swiped with his paw at the little girl as she was trying to hug him.

The little girl’s injury was not a bite but instead was caused by the dog’s front paw, which had enough force to cause a severe gash across the girl’s face, cutting her skin to the cheekbone and crushing two of her teeth, the plaintiff said. The injuries required two surgeries, with the likelihood of a third later in life.

The defendants disputed strict liability and argued that the dog was a family pet, very docile and without any prior acts showing a violent propensity. Woody assisted the plaintiff alleging the applicability of the “Dangerous Dog Act,” and contending it was not necessary to provide proof of a prior propensity but merely proof of a severe injury by a dog, which was not in dispute.

Red-Light Camera Aids $290,000 Insurance Recovery From a Drunk Driver

UM Insurance Recovery Negligence/Auto – Intersection Collision – Permanent Scars – Shoulder Injury – Red-Light Camera Evidence Used

This case involved a wreck with an uninsured driver who failed to appear for his district court criminal case on drunk driving charges. The claim against the drunk driver was filed under the uninsured coverage of the plaintiff’s policy.

Woody requested that the city of Wilmington traffic control office provide photographic images obtained from the “red-light” cameras operated at the intersection to aid in showing the other driver’s car in the intersection. The information showed the length of time the light had been red, as well as the other driver’s excessive speed. Having such evidence assisted Woody in arguing for a higher compensatory claim, as the punitive claim was not covered under the applicable policy.

Settlement of Almost $90,000 Reached After Dog Attack Leads to Facial Scar

This claim involved an attack by a pit bull/boxer mix dog on the plaintiff, who suffered permanent scarring and disfigurement to her lip. The dog jumped on the plaintiff, biting her in the mouth, and caused severe and painful injuries, according to the plaintiff’s report. The plaintiff received plastic surgery to repair her lip but endured a permanent scar of approximately 1 inch across the left portion of her lower lip. Woody contacted a veterinarian specialist who was prepared to render testimony relating to the violent propensities of the pit bull and boxer breeds – specifically, that these types of dogs are unpredictable, aggressive and protective of what they perceive to be their territory.

The plaintiff alleged strict liability, basing her claim on the Dangerous Dog Act, although there had been no prior designation of a “potentially dangerous dog” by New Hanover County Animal Control, the plaintiff alleged that the infliction of “severe injury” was sufficient to avoid the pre-determination of a finding of a “dangerous dog” to establish strict liability. Defense counsel denied strict liability and the applicability of the Dangerous Dog Act, but ultimately settled the case for almost $90,000.

Motorcyclist Recovers $160,000

Negligence/Auto – Motorcyclist Injured – Severely Broken Leg – Hit-and-Run Driver – UM Coverage Under Three Policies $160,000 Settlement

This case involved contested liability, a hit-and-run driver who was never located, and the application of uninsured motorist coverage on three separate policies. The plaintiff, and Iraqi war veteran who was driving a motorcycle, had a severe left leg injury and had significant surgery to prevent amputation. Plaintiff was in a cast and was unable to walk without crutches. Plaintiff suffered excruciating pain and is permanently disabled due to the injury. Allegations of contributory negligence were overcome by wreck scene analysis, and witness interviews from a private investigator’s work, according to plaintiff’s counsel. The defendant was unrepresented.

Cyclist Involved With Hit and Run Recovers $78,000

Plaintiff was cycling in the bike lane when a teenage driver made a right turn in front of and striking the plaintiff. The defendant then continued east into a parking area of a strip mall and exited the parking lot at a different ingress/egress location, fleeing the scene. The plaintiff, a seasoned long-distance biker, was wearing the appropriate bright neon jersey and his bike was marked accordingly. The defendant, a 16-year-old female, was located when a witness reported the license plate number to the police.

The injured bicyclist was transported via ambulance to a local hospital where he underwent surgery to repair a broken (left) hip and also endured two hairline fractures to his left wrist. Plaintiff was discharged after three nights in the hospital and had to check into a local motel before he could travel again. The plaintiff has returned to his home state of Utah where he continues to recuperate and seeks medical treatment including physical therapy. Woody assisted the plaintiff in recovering $78,000 from two insurance companies that decided against hiring an attorney.

$425,000 Superior Court Judgment Against a Drunk Driver

A married couple were driving home from dinner on U.S. 117 at a speed of 55 mph. The defendant, driving a relative’s automobile, was driving at approximately the same speed in the opposite direction. He crossed the centerline of the road and struck the couple, causing severe injury to both occupants in the plaintiff’s vehicle. The defendant then drove away, parked the wrecked car, jumped a fence and then submerged himself in a hot tub trying to elude police to avoid arrest. The police apprehended the defendant and charged him with drunk driving.

The injured couple sustained severe and painful injuries to and about their bodies, incurred medical care, attention, treatment and expenses, permanent scarring, disfigurement and disability, and a loss of wages. In an uncontested case, Woody filed suit against the unrepresented defendant and the owner of the vehicle, and was successful in obtaining a Default Judgment in Superior Court in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $425,000. Although not all this sum was collected, a portion of it was successfully obtained to compensate the couple for their injuries.

Underground Contamination Case Against National Oil Company

In a multiple plaintiff claim, Woody represented 44 plaintiffs in a groundwater contamination case, successfully settling the case after two years, for a confidential, but large sum of money. There were 11 children and 33 adult claimants who asserted damages against a national oil/gas company. An entire neighborhood’s drinking water supply was contaminated by leaking, underground fuel tanks from a convenience store. Our firm worked with hydrogeologists, experts on damages, and fact witnesses piecing together the crucial evidence necessary to establish the claim and recovered full compensation for all 44 plaintiffs.

Mom-to-Be Involved in a Rear-End Collision With Cement Truck

Woody represented a 7-month pregnant, 27-year-old woman, who was rear-ended in a compact car by a cement truck. The mom-to-be sustained an optic nerve contusion in her left eye from the force with which she struck the windshield. We worked closely with her eye surgeon who was an expert witness as to the permanency of her eye condition. The plaintiff recovered in excess of $140,000 from the cement truck’s insurance company.

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