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Experienced Defense Against Embezzlement Charges

White Collar Crimes Attorneys In New Hanover

If you are accused of stealing funds from your employer, your career and reputation are at stake. You need an effective and experienced attorney to build a defense and help you through the legal process. In some cases, it may be possible to avoid a conviction and avoid creating a criminal record.

At Woody White Law Firm PLLC, our Wilmington embezzlement defense lawyers will advise you on your options, answer your questions and, if necessary, vigorously defend your interests in the courtroom. Our lead defense attorney, Woody White, is a board-certified specialist in state and federal criminal law. He has handled countless embezzlement and fraud cases throughout North Carolina.

Contact a Wilmington embezzlement lawyer to discuss your charges. Call us at 910-338-4900 locally or toll-free at 866-677-8525.

Understanding Embezzlement

Embezzlement is a white collar crime. It usually involves an individual or group of employees taking money or property from their employer. They can involve complex schemes that take government investigators years to unravel, or they can be small amounts that a person takes for personal use.

At Woody White Law Firm PLLC, our white collar crimes attorneys have defended all types of embezzlement cases, including:

  • Accounting fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Check fraud

We will listen to your story, investigate the facts of your case and develop a comprehensive defense against these charges. Our embezzlement attorneys will use the full extent of their resources to help you win your case.

Minimizing Public Exposure

An accusation, let alone a conviction of embezzlement, can harm your professional reputation. A permanent criminal record could impact your ability to get a new job or maintain your professional license. Our attorneys will work to minimize public exposure of your alleged crime.

When you hire our firm, we will begin a comprehensive review of the facts surrounding your case. Our lawyers will negotiate with your employer before trial and try to reach a settlement. Pretrial settlements often result in case dismissal. However, if necessary, we will go to trial in an effort to clear your name.

Experience. Dedication. Results.

Our criminal defense attorneys are professional, effective and dedicated to your case. Contact a white collar crimes lawyer in New Hanover to set up a free initial consultation.

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Woody White

Woody White is an experienced civil Trial Attorney, and has earned a reputation as an aggressive advocate, taking – and winning – cases before juries in both State and Federal Court. Getting the verdict that you deserve requires experience and Woody White has a proven track record of success.