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Recovering Damages From Drunk Drivers

Far too many people are seriously injured or killed by drunk drivers each year in North Carolina. And, if your life has been altered by a drunk driver – because you have sustained serious injuries or have lost a family member in a fatal accident – you may be feeling what many people in your shoes would be feeling: You want the drunk driver punished. At Woody White Law Firm PLLC, we understand the feelings of our clients, and we use our knowledge of North Carolina’s punitive damages laws to recover money for our clients.

If you live in Wilmington, North Carolina, or the surrounding area and have been injured in a DUI accident, call Woody White Law Firm PLLC today to speak with one of our Wilmington drunk driving accident attorneys. We can be reached locally at 910-338-4900. If you live outside of the Wilmington region, call us toll-free at 866-677-8525.

We Make Drunk Drivers Pay

Are you the victim of a drunk driving accident? Did a drunk driver cause a fatal car accident that took the life of someone you love? Our attorneys understand that you have many thoughts on your mind at this time. We provide comprehensive legal help to victims of drunk driving accidents, handling all interactions with the insurance companies and seeking full and fair compensation for their losses.

In addition to the “typical” compensation (medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering), you can be awarded punitive damages. Punitive damages are designed to punish criminal acts and discourage the responsible party from repeating them. Our law firm has successfully recovered substantial monetary amounts for previous clients.

How Punitive Damages Work In North Carolina

In North Carolina, a person who is injured by a drunk driver can sue for punitive damages. In fact, punitive damages are not limited and can exceed the $250,000 cap established by the legislature. Our accomplished trial attorneys know the law and how the facts of your case pertain to this law. We are dedicated to holding drunk drivers accountable for their harmful actions and getting you the compensation you deserve.

The Importance Of Having A Strong Lawyer When Pursuing Punitive Damages

To obtain punitive damages, you need the skill of a strong trial attorney with experience handling these specialized sorts of claims. To be successful, your attorney must know how to present this highly technical evidence to a jury. This requires building an evidence record that establishes how intoxicated the driver was, including toxicology reports, blood results and breath tests. These numbers must be translated in a meaningful way by toxicology and chemical test experts.

Our attorneys have experience taking these claims to trial and a proven track record of obtaining favorable punitive damages verdicts. We know how these cases are built. We use this knowledge when preparing our own cases. We know how to effectively present this evidence to a jury. Let us help you tell your story and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Call Our Effective Wilmington, North Carolina, Punitive Damages Attorneys

If you were injured in a drunk driving accident, talk to our lawyers about recovering punitive damages. We offer free initial consultations, and you will not owe attorneys’ fees if we are unable to help you recover damages. Call Woody White Law Firm PLLC, toll-free at 866-677-8525 or locally at 910-338-4900, to set up a free initial consultation.

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