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Determine Accountability In Bar Owners After Your DUI Accident

North Carolina’s dramshop and liquor liability laws are a rapidly changing area of law. Essentially, dramshop laws state that if you were injured in a car accident that was caused by a drunk driver after he or she left a bar, restaurant or any other place serving liquor, you may have a claim against the bar, restaurant or any other type of establishment that served alcohol. Woody White Law Firm PLLC is a prominent Wilmington-based law firm, ready to take on the tough dramshop laws and fight for our clients’ full compensation.

Pursuing Bar Owner Liability

Were you injured in a drunk driving accident? You may have a dramshop claim against the restaurant, bar or liquor store that served the alcohol. Talk to one of our Wilmington dramshop attorneys today by calling locally at 910-338-4900. We help accident victims get the compensation they deserve by pursuing bar owner liability claims. If you live outside the Wilmington region, call us toll-free at 866-677-8525.

Proving Bar, Restaurant Or Liquor Store Liability

At Woody White Law Firm PLLC, we seek maximum money damages for victims who have been injured by drunk drivers. To pursue a claim against an establishment, the following must be proven:

  • The bar, restaurant, liquor store or any other establishment served alcohol to someone who was noticeably intoxicated.
  • The bar, restaurant, liquor store or any other establishment should have known the noticeably intoxicated person was going to drive a car after drinking the alcohol.

Our attorneys are highly skilled in pursuing liquor liability claims. We are committed to helping victims of drunk drivers obtain the fair and full compensation they deserve.

Were you injured in a drunk driving accident that was caused by a person who was over-served liquor at a bar? Talk to our personal injury lawyers. We can offer you the peace of mind you need at this time. We offer free initial consultations, and you will not owe attorneys’ fees if we are unable to help you recover damages. Call Woody White Law Firm PLLC, toll-free at 866-677-8525 or locally at 910-338-4900, for a free initial consultation.

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