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“February 18, 2015

Why You Need A Lawyer

Our experience with Woody White of Woody White Law Firm PLLC

My wife and I were traveling from Myrtle Beach, SC to Wilmington, NC just over 15 months ago when a drunk driver turned into our lane causing a t-bone type collision. We were both injured with my wife sustaining a spider type fracture of her lower spine. There was an 80% chance of paralysis from this type of injury.

Even though we were damaged both emotionally and physically, I thought I did not need a lawyer. I was a business executive that had negotiated many things. I thought that I knew what needed to be done. All the advertising I had seen on attorneys had clouded my judgment. My perception was the profession was dominated by opportunists preying on injured parties.

My daughter was the only clear headed one at the time. She told us that we needed to find someone to represent us that could be our advocate in a professional business manner. She contacted a friend that recommended Woody White. The day I walked into his office, I was barely walking with the help of a cane. My wife was in a body cast with an undetermined future. At that time, we needed someone as an advocate that had our trust.

Woody White and his firm fulfilled that need completely. He not only handled our insurance claims but acted as an advocate with the hospital. He created trust between us by completely managing our issue. He made it possible for us to focus on getting better while knowing he would handle any hospital and insurance issue.

Financial issues aside, when this happens to someone, you need an advocate. Regardless of your intelligence or experience, you should not be representing yourself at that time.

Common sense should tell anyone this. Ann attorney experienced in this field will keep an injured party from accepting a settlement that is not fair and reasonable for damages.

It was important to both my wife and I that the settlement discussions were done professionally. It involved, not only the drunk driver’s insurance company but, my employer’s insurance company as well.

Woody White represents the best that the legal practice has to offer in this type of issue. We would recommend him to our friends and family if they need an honest ethical attorney.”



“In the spring of 2008, my freshman year in college, I was hit by a drunk driver while driving two friends home from a party. One of the passengers was killed in the wreck. The other passenger and I suffered from traumatic injuries. Mr. White was highly recommended by my doctor.

My case was handled diligently. Mr. White was adept in dealing with the insurance companies and guided me through every step of the process. At no point was I unaware of where my case stood. I received ample notification from Mr. White’s office on the status of my case. Furthermore, I was always able to get in touch with Mr. White whenever I had questions concerning the case.

I think the best aspect of working with Mr. White was his kindness and empathy. He handled my case with compassion and helped make the best of a tragic situation. When I walk into his office now, I feel like I am visiting a trusted friend. He always had my best interest in mind. Even after the case was settled, he showed concern for my well being.

Mr. White was successful in settling my case with the insurance company. He was thoughtful in his approach and helped me receive full compensation for my injuries. I cannot express enough gratitude for his help. Having his representation allowed me to focus healing physically and emotionally without the legal concerns. There are not enough kind words to say about him.

“Following a tragic auto accident, I contacted Mr. White for his expertise and assistance in recovering personal as well as property damages. Mr. White was very professional, expedient and helpful in these claims. He was instrumental in recovering losses due to my accident as I received more than I would have been able to negotiate myself. In addition, I have recently formed a Limited Liability Company in the State of North Carolina. Mr. White and his staff handled all the necessary procedures to achieve this. It was a seemingly flawless task and now I am able to perform duties associated with this LLC.”


“If you need a lawyer, Woody White would be my choice. My family has known Woody for many years, both personally and professionally. He is not only a brilliant lawyer, he truly cares about people. Woody uses both his intelligence and his heart to find the best solution to a problem. I can’t think of anyone I would rather have in my corner when faced with a problem.”

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“My case was handled very professional from the beginning to the very end. The staff was very congenial and polite. I would strongly recommend my friends to Mr. Woody White. Thank you Mr. Woody White and Jan for a job well done. One word can sum up the whole service ‘Outstanding.'”— J.G.

“Dear Jan, Thank you and your staff for all of your help. I was treated with the up most respect. Mr. White was very clear what direction he would be going to do the best for me. So glad I had Mr. White and his staff to represent me. Regards,”— J.B.

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Woody White

Woody White is an experienced civil Trial Attorney, and has earned a reputation as an aggressive advocate, taking – and winning – cases before juries in both State and Federal Court. Getting the verdict that you deserve requires experience and Woody White has a proven track record of success.