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Dangerous roads in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | Car Accidents, Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents, Truck Accidents |

North Carolina is a beautiful state with urban and rural areas and diverse terrain. Traveling through it can be a delight for the eyes.

However, when car accidents cause personal injury, victims or their survivors generally file lawsuits against the party or parties responsible. Drivers must take caution, especially when navigating the most dangerous roads in the state.

I-85 in Charlotte between Exits 36 and 41

WGHP, Fox News 8 in Greensboro, reports on the five most dangerous North Carolina roads where fatalities and injuries resulted from crashes over the past two decades.

The first of these perilous roadways is Interstate 85 in Charlotte between Exits 36 and 41. This is the deadliest stretch of highway in the state. Local authorities report 39 crashes and 42 deaths. Charlotte is the deadliest city along I-85, with high speeds and urban congestion contributing to the problem.

I-77 in Charlotte between Remont Rd. and Exit 13A

Number two on the list is another busy stretch of Charlotte highway. Interstate 77 between Remont Rd. and Exit 13A was the site of 34 crashes and 38 deaths. I-77 is especially dangerous for commercial trucks. Many accidents involve 18-wheelers and other large vehicles.

I-240 in Asheville between Exits 1B and 6

Interstate 240 in Asheville between Exits 1B and 6 ranks third. This stretch of road, which saw 27 crashes and 27 deaths, is heavily traveled by both local drivers and commercial traffic. The congestion all these vehicles create is the cause of numerous accidents.

I-95 in Rocky Mount between State Road 1603 and Exit 138

The fourth most dangerous road in North Carolina is Interstate 95 between State Road 1603 and Exit 138. Drivers had 24 crashes that led to 31 deaths. I-95 runs from Maine to Florida and is a major thoroughfare for drivers traveling between the North and the South. Heavy commercial traffic adds to the problems as the highway passes through the center of Rocky Mount.

I-85 in Gastonia between Exits 14 and 19

Rounding out the top five is Interstate 85 in Gastonia between Exits 14 and 19. This section of highway was the location of 21 crashes and 21 deaths. I-85 is yet another of North Carolina’s highways where commercial vehicles share the road with private cars. Exiting and entering the roadway at high speeds along this stretch proves challenging and often leads to collisions.

Crashes can happen anywhere in North Carolina but are more frequent on these five roads. If getting to your destination requires you to use any of these routes, be sure to exercise extreme caution.


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