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August 2016 Archives

In 2015, car accident fatalities increased

With the advent of improved safety features and better enforcement of traffic laws, accidents have declined in North Carolina substantially over the numbers from 20 years ago. However, a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that the number of fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents around the country actually increased over the number of people who were killed in collisions in 2014.

Documents for building evidence in a car accident case

A North Carolina driver who has been in a car accident might want to retain a lawyer. Such victims should understand that there are a number of documents a lawyer may want to see. Being prepared with all the necessary information could help facilitate the legal process.

Images erased in a snap! Not quite.

For parents for teenagers, the popular photo sharing application Snapchat may be the eight-letter word you hope will never be referenced in your home due to the misconceptions many teens hold of this app. In the past, youthful indiscretions were often relegated to gossip, events hazily memorialized only as stories from a distant history. With the advent of omnipresent smart phones, however, such acts of juvenilia are crisply rendered and permanent. Teens often fail to recognize that the internet essentially warehouses all conveyed data, deleted or not. Parents should not.

Head-on crash kills both drivers involved

A head-on accident involving three vehicles on the morning of Aug. 18 on North Carolina Highway 68 left two road users dead and debris scattered across the busy roadway. An additional two vehicles were damaged when their drivers were unable to avoid pieces of the wreckage. The accident caused traffic to be halted in both directions as rescue workers and investigators went about their duties.

Drowsy driving as dangerous as drunk driving

North Carolina residents may be shocked to learn that nearly 83.6 million people drive while sleep-deprived each day, according to a report. The behavior, which is as dangerous as drunk driving, claims the lives of an estimated 5,000 people each year and costs the U.S. around $109 billion.

Study shows why it's time to speed up bail reform efforts

When a person is placed under arrest and taken to the local jail for processing, it can understandably prove to be a disconcerting -- if not altogether frightening -- experience. That's because not only will they find it to be a decidedly unfriendly location, but also because they will likely have very real concerns about the road ahead regarding the criminal charges and their associated consequences.

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