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5 college crimes (and how they can derail your child's life)

Think back to when you were a teenager. You might shudder to think about what you wore, how you talked and what kinds of things you liked to do with your friends. Now imagine being judged by those same decisions well into adulthood.

Under most circumstances, it doesn't make sense to have the mistakes and poor choices of our youth define us as adults. However, that is the very real possibility your child is facing if he or she is accused of one of the following common criminal offenses involving college students.

4 mistakes to avoid if you are a tourist accused of a crime

People from across the country come to North Carolina, whether they are college students, corporate executives or families on vacation.

Unfortunately, some of these people wind up accused of committing a crime. If you are in this situation, you might be tempted to make one of the following mistakes that tourists accused of a crime often make.

The future of texting and driving--and how it can affect you

That quick "be there soon" or "grab milk" text you send while driving down an empty neighborhood road, at a red light, or even while sitting completely still in traffic, can cost you. Any driver of a motor vehicle in North Carolina is banned from texting-no exceptions. It is considered a primary offense, meaning that a police officer doesn't need to see any other violation going on to pull you over. They can pull you over then and there based only on seeing you texting in the car.

Texting and driving exist under the "distracted driving" laws in North Carolina and will add to your points in the DMV point system enforced in the state. Too many points can result in a suspended license that can last for 60 days to a year, and the penalties get worse the more points you stack up in a short time.

False rape accusations and today's culture

Rape accusations can be extremely damaging to a reputation and could destroy someone's future, even after they are proven false. Today's culture is so attuned to hearing the victim's side of the experience that the falsely accused often don't get to share their version of the truth-or clear their name.

Another issue with false allegations of sex crimes is that genuinely guilty are not prosecuted because victims may fear their claims won't be believed, so they do not come forward. This creates a cycle of the innocent facing harsh consequences and the guilty going free.

Theft of an empty fraternity house leaves 3 students facing felonies

Last week an empty house belonging to a closed fraternity chapter was robbed by three students from surrounding schools. Two of the students were from North Carolina State University and reportedly broke into the home and took a group photo of the old fraternity members-from a chapter that was shut down after facing sexual assault accusations in 2015.

After spending the night in jail, the suspects face serious charges, including a felony. These charges are in accordance with North Carolina state laws that consider any theft after breaking and entering a residence to be a felony.

Getting a passport after facing drug charges can be challenging

A sunny, sandy, tropical beach starts to sound really tempting as winter steadily approaches. Just the thought of dipping your toes in the warm ocean water may have you pulling up travel blogs and researching your next vacation destination for 2018.

Then you realize there is a problem-to go out of the country you will need a passport, and you haven't applied for one in a few years. As you start the application process, you begin to worry about the drug charges you have on your record from an out-of-hand night a couple of years back. Will the passport services deny your application?

NHTSA to revise regulations for self-driving vehicles

Residents of North Carolina may be interested to know that there is a push to revise current auto safety standards that apply to self-driving vehicles. In September, the U.S. House passed a measure that would exempt automakers deploying up to 80,000 self-driving vehicles in the next three years from having to meet all safety standards. A U.S. Senate committee unanimously gave the go-ahead to a bill in early October to further speed up the process. It has found support with General Motors Company, Ford Motor Company and Alphabet Inc.

Under the Senate bill, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will grant the exemptions and have to create permanent rules on driverless car safety within the next decade. In late October, the NHTSA requested input on how to eliminate regulatory roadblocks to autonomous vehicles.

Life after manufacturing illegal drugs

As the popular TV show Breaking Bad showed its viewers, there can be many reasons why an average person would seek to begin producing illegal drugs. Maybe you needed the money, felt pressured to do it, or were threatened into complying. Whatever the reason, the production of illegal substances is considered a felony with severe impacts for your future.

Anyone can be convicted of drug manufacturing if they are involved in any step of the process along the way. These charges can include selling certain chemicals, buying or selling equipment, or physically producing the drugs. If convicted, your life may take a significant turn for the worst.

New drugs found in North Carolina drug crisis

Recently, a local mother learned her son had died from a drug overdose suspected to be heroin. When toxicology reports were analyzed, the labs found no heroin in his system--instead, it was an alarming mix of other substances that may be becoming more popular around North Carolina.

The substances now being used by teens and young adults are often an unknown mix of dangerous drugs and medications, and the results are devastating.

Night shift workers at increased risk of car accidents

Night shift workers in North Carolina and across the country are more likely to get into car crashes, according to a study. The research was conducted by scientists at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

For the study, BWH researchers had 16 night shift workers complete two driving tests on a closed track. The first test was conducted after the workers had gotten at least 7.6 hours of sleep the prior night and not worked a night shift. The second test was conducted after the workers had completed a night shift. Both tests measured the drowsiness and driving performance of the study participants.

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