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How can parents help their children after a DUI arrest?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2023 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Drunk Driving Charges |

As with anyone else, young adults who are around college age are capable of lapses in judgment that bring about consequences beyond what they might foresee in the moment. You likely feel a parental obligation to help your child through the difficult times that come after a DUI arrest, but it is not always clear what you can do.

A DUI conviction can carry far-reaching implications on your child’s education, career prospects and overall quality of life. By knowing more about what you can do in your role as a parent, you can effectively help your child after a DUI arrest.

Be a supportive ally

Many parents might feel the compulsion to berate or discipline their children for criminal activity. It is possible, however, that the shock of the arrest makes it clear to your child that the consequences of their actions are very real. Rather than being an antagonistic force, your child likely needs you to be an ally that will support them and help them find a competent legal defense.

Facilitate recovery

A criminal charge can seriously affect a young adult’s mental health, especially if they believe that their actions are the cause of harm to another person or themselves. You can help your child both during and after the defense process by facilitating a healthy recovery process. For example, you can enable your child to attend a DUI alcohol treatment program, regardless of whether or not the court mandates the program.

The implications of a DUI arrest can be life-changing for your child, but that does not mean you have to watch as they confront the issue alone. You can be an ally, advocate and source of constant emotional support throughout the process.


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