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North Carolina couple accused of fraud with company credit card

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2012 | White Collar Crimes |

Many working North Carolina residents are given company credit cards to use for certain work-related things. Different companies have different rules on how often and for what employees can use company cards. If those expectations are not made clear, an employee may use a card too liberally, possibly leading to criminal charges.

A North Carolina couple is facing mounting legal trouble after being accused of credit card fraud. Police believe the couple misused a company credit card and spent approximately $85,000 on fuel and various other products at gas stations around the Wilmington area. They are now facing serious accusations of fraud.

The couple has been arrested by the Wilmington Police Department and face almost 40 counts of felony financial card fraud. The 24-year-old woman has also been charged with embezzlement. While she was employed at Southern Asphalt Inc., police allege that the couple misused the company’s credit card to fuel their private vehicles and later purchased gasoline to sell to other people for cash payments.

Upon investigation, Wilmington police say the couple’s spending rose dramatically over the period of the alleged fraud. In December 2011 alone, the couple is accused of spending approximately $10,000.

Facing several felony charges may seem like an uphill battle, but anyone charged with a crime in our state remains innocent unless and until proven guilty. As such, they will be able to present evidence in a court of law that could help them prove their innocence and dispute the allegations made by law enforcement authorities. Fraud accusations are taken seriously in North Carolina, but accusations are not convictions. Strong defenses can be built to challenge the charges.

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