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Wilmington car accident sends 2 drivers to hospital

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2012 | Car Accidents |

When operating a motor vehicle, a reasonable duty of care must be assumed for others in or near the roadway. Although a car accident cannot always be avoided, paying attention to pertinent traffic laws and being vigilant on the road can help drivers avoid collisions. Recent news in Wilmington highlighted a car accident where one of the drivers apparently failed to stop for a red light and struck another vehicle.

On a recent afternoon, a pickup truck driver was driving southbound on Wooster Street and approached a traffic signal that had turned yellow. The driver apparently tried not to run the red light, but failed, striking another car in the process. The Wilmington Fire Department responded to the collision. When the fire truck arrived at the scene, it was struck by another vehicle that was attempting to maneuver around it.

The drivers involved in the first accident were both taken to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Initial reports of their injuries indicated they were not considered to be life-threatening, though further word on their medical condition was not available. There was no word on possible injuries to the driver who collided with the fire truck.

The pickup truck driver involved in the first accident was charged with running a red light. The driver that he hit will likely have medical bills as a result of this Wilmington car accident. In situations like this, a civil personal injury lawsuit may be warranted. Under North Carolina law, a party whose negligence causes or contributes to serious injuries suffered by another could be held financially accountable for the damages incurred.

Source: WECT, “Two injured following car crash; fire truck clipped,” April 10, 2012


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