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Violent crime case takes strange turn in Wilmington

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2012 | Weapons Crimes |

A Wilmington man is facing serious legal trouble after being accused of a violent crime involving the shooting of two men on Feb. 13. The man was arrested on a warrant on March 15 and is being held on charges of attempted murder in the New Hanover County Jail. This violent crime case entails a strange twist because one of the alleged victims is accused of later leading police on a chase after leaving a dying child at a Brunswick County hospital.

The Wilmington man allegedly shot both men on the 600 block of Emory Street. Neither had life threatening injuries, but one of the men was transported to the hospital by a friend. The second victim was found lying in the street. No other details of the shooting were available.

One of these victims, the man accused of dropping a 3-year-old child off at the hospital, is now in jail. He purportedly brought the boy to the Brunswick Novant Medical Center but left after being told that the child had died. When law enforcement attempted to stop him, a car chase apparently ensued. While no charges involving the child were reported, the man is sitting in jail accused of ramming two patrol cars and eluding officers during the pursuit.

Details on both cases are odd, and it is not known if they are linked in any manner. While both men are facing serious charges, they are entitled to the presumption of their innocence unless and until they are proven guilty. Violent crime is understandably a serious matter in Wilmington, so it is important for these individuals to know their legal rights as they attempt to fight the various charges against them. Their future liberty may depend upon it.

Source: Star News Online, “Man jailed, facing charges for February double shooting,” F.T. Norton, March 16, 2012


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