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Which crimes do teens commit most often?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

When people think about crime, they often imagine adults engaging in illegal activities. However, it is important to recognize that teens also commit offenses that can have serious consequences.

Understanding which crimes teens are most prone to helps people address the root causes.


Teens may engage in vandalism, which involves damaging property on purpose. This could include writing graffiti, breaking windows or defacing public spaces. Vandalism often comes from a teen’s feelings of boredom or a sense of rebellion.

Underage drinking

Despite legal restrictions, underage drinking remains a common problem among teens. Whether at parties or social gatherings, some teens choose to consume alcohol. Unfortunately, underage drinking can lead to accidents, injuries or even fatalities.

Drug abuse

Substance abuse is another issue that affects many teens. They may experiment with drugs or develop an addiction. Either way, substance abuse harms a teen’s health and future prospects. Factors such as peer influence, family history and stress can contribute to this drug abuse.


With the rise of technology, cybercrimes have become increasingly common among teens. This includes activities such as cyberbullying or online harassment. The anonymity and accessibility of the internet make it easier for teens to engage in illegal behavior.


Some teens resort to violence as a means of resolving conflicts or asserting dominance. Whether it is physical fights at school or bullying behavior, assault can have serious implications.

Through education and community involvement, people can empower teens to make positive choices. Those facing charges may want to seek protection or fair compensation.


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