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Authorities indicate white collar crimes often follow patterns

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2015 | White Collar Crimes |

There are many different activities that fall under the umbrella of white collar crimes. Embezzlement is one of them. Though the victims of white collar crimes experience financial, not physical harm, the crimes are taken very seriously and if convicted, those facing charges could end up on the receiving end of a harsh sentence.

While no two crimes are the same, the head of the State Bureau of Investigation’s financial crimes unit indicates that certain patterns are often shared in these alleged crimes. Sometimes the money taken is used to feed an addiction. The person who is accused of taking it might be addicted to gambling, shopping or drugs.

Those accused of stealing large amounts of money are often employed by a small to mid-size business, and are highly trusted. A former federal prosecutor indicated that those who embezzle money may try to reconcile the act by claiming the money they spent was necessary for them to complete a work task.

Because so many embezzlement charges are tied to activities one takes in connection with his or her work, it is possible that they may have inadvertently engaged in an activity while working that is illegal.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the criminal accusation, anyone facing an embezzlement charge should take action to build a strong defense. Doing so could result in the dismissal of charges or a not guilty verdict. For the best chance of securing a positive outcome, a criminal defense lawyer should be contacted sooner rather than later.


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