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Multiple drug charges will require strong defense

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2011 | Drug Charges |

North Carolina residents know that charges involving drugs can come with severe penalties. The more drug charges involved in one arrest, the harsher the penalties. When an individual is facing several charges stemming from two different arrests, there is a long climb ahead. Such is the case for a Pinebluff, North Carolina, man, who is currently facing a long string of charges after his home was searched in mid-October.

According to police, the execution of a search warrant at the man’s home on Oct. 19 led to the arrest. Police allegedly seized illegal drugs with an estimated street value of more than $6,700 along with more than $1,000 in cash. Police claim to have also found drug paraphernalia in the home.

The search follows what is allegedly an ongoing investigation, as the man reportedly had an order for arrest pending from a previous investigation prior to the search of his home. For this first set of charges he is facing felony possession with intent to deliver or sell cocaine, felony sell cocaine and felony deliver cocaine. He received a $75,000 bond for these charges.

In addition to the first charges, he faces charges stemming from the search of his home, including cocaine trafficking and possession with intent to sell or deliver. He is also charged with misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. For this second set of charges he was given a $125,000 bond.

It is important to remember that before rushing to judgment, this man is afforded the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. The man could benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney, who can work to ensure that his legal rights in regards to his arrest and the search and seizure were not violated.

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