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Cocaine allegedly found during police investigation

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2011 | Drug Charges |

On Oct. 10, two North Carolina men from Rockingham were arrested following an investigation conducted that same day. The two men now face various drug charges and are being held in the Moore County Jail. A 30-year-old man received a $125,000 secured bond while a 23-year-old man received a $50,000 secured bond.

During the investigation, officers allegedly found 3 grams of powdered cocaine and 15 dosage units (pills) of Hydrocodone, which is a prescription medication. They also found $170, and police claim the street value of the seized drugs is $450. The 30-year-old man faces charges of felony possession with intent to sell or deliver cocaine, four counts of felony trafficking in opium and felony deliver a Schedule III controlled substance, among other charges. The 23-year-old man faces charges of felony maintaining a vehicle to keep a controlled substance, felony conspiracy to sell or deliver a Schedule III controlled substance and felony conspiracy to sell or deliver cocaine.

Hydrocodone is a prescription medication and can be obtained legally. In a local news report, no information was available regarding whether either man currently or previously had a prescription for the pills.

Unfortunately, news reports tend to be sensationalized and to make the drug charges seem bigger than they are in reality. This does no service to the suspects as it may influence the minds of a jury when the case goes to trial. Here, the two may be able to defend themselves better if they consult with an experienced North Carolina criminal defense attorney. The attorney may be able to ensure their right to a fair trial is not put in jeopardy and that other legal protections, such as the search and seizure of evidence, were not violated.

Source: The Pilot, “Rockingham Men Face Drug Charges,” Oct. 12, 2011


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