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3 common injury liabilities to check for in your vacation rental

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Personal Injury |

North Carolina is a popular state among tourists due to its great weather and attractive beaches. You can find something to enjoy during a North Carolina vacation practically all year round.

For the best possible experience, you might decide to rent a beautiful vacation home during your visit. Before you settle your family in, however, it is important to check for common hazards that might otherwise lead to a devastating injury during what should be a relaxing stay.

1. Fire risks

Faulty appliances can spark or lead to severe burns during use. You should also check that all smoke alarms in the home are functional and familiarize yourself with the location of the on-site fire extinguisher.

2. Slip-and-fall hazards

Check the lighting conditions in any stairwells on your vacation property and make note of whether or not there is a handrail present. Upturned carpets and slippery floors can also be hazardous elements to watch for within the home. Poorly lit outdoor walkways are another possible cause of significant slip-and-fall accidents.

3. Swimming pool negligence

If your vacation rental includes swimming pool accommodations, make sure there are proper safety measures in place before letting your children jump in. Rescue equipment and life rings are a must near any pool. You should also check if the pool comes with a lockable cover so as to prevent accidents when someone wanders by alone.

It can be alarming to find that your vacation rental might not be as safe as you would hope. You can protect your family during your stay by being wary and by making note of negligent upkeep that can help your case if an injury does occur on the property.


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