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The justice system’s mishandling of the opioid crisis

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Blog, Drug Charges |

Some professionals say that the opioid crisis in North Carolina and around the United States has partially been caused by the justice system’s mishandling of addicts during and after incarceration. Proponents of rehabilitation for those convicted of drug crimes say that it will help address the crisis.

Having better treatment programs for inmates

Many opioid addicts don’t receive the treatment that they need while they’re incarcerated. This often leads to them getting out of jail and then being again involved in drug crimes. Society can combat the opioid crisis by making sure that addicts get adequate treatment during their time in jail. This treatment should include techniques on how to not give into their temptation to do opioids in the future.

Helping recovering addicts improve their lives

Many individuals continue doing drugs because they just don’t see other options. This is why it’s important to have resources available that will help recovering addicts become productive members of society. These resources should include things like assisting with writing a resume, providing them with professional attire that they can wear on job interviews and helping them find jobs that are willing to hire someone in recovery.

Using technology to make resources easier to find

When an addict needs to find some sort of resource, they often have a difficult time. Apps can help with this. Technology can allow addicts to connect with different agencies that provide them with assistance during their recovery. These agencies can include ones that provide psychological treatment or support for those who are struggling with staying clean.

Despite the fact that there’s an opioid crisis, there are some ways to get past it. The justice system can contribute by handling those with opioid addictions better.


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