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What mistakes often happen after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Individuals involved in an auto accident might need to engage in quick thinking. One of the first steps to take after a vehicle wreck in North Carolina is the driver checking on his or her condition and passengers. Many people understand the importance of checking for injuries, but they often overlook other steps. Sometimes, people make mistakes after auto accidents that turn out regrettable.

Avoiding common mistakes after an auto collision

Assuming everyone is fine could lead to unfortunate revelations later. Accident victims may suffer terrible injuries that don’t immediately show how badly they were hurt. Seeking medical attention, at least a physician’s examination, after an accident might be a life-saving step.

Not getting insurance and contact information from the other driver can make things complicated when seeking compensation for injuries. Not calling the police to write an accident report may be another big mistake. The police could procure witness statements and gather other evidence, which is typically required for an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Drivers who admit fault at an accident scene may do so because they are shocked and overwhelmed. Regardless, admitting fault might hurt a case. The admission may not be accurate as the full picture could point to someone else’s negligence.

Undermining a claim

Mistakes could make recovering damages difficult if not impossible. Personal injury suits must adhere to North Carolina’s statute of limitations, and once that time passes, filing a lawsuit becomes impossible. Even when it is still possible, lengthy waits could make filing suit harder. Insurance claims might require expediency as well.

Victims might make mistakes after motor vehicle accidents, but that doesn’t mean they are barred from recovering compensation. A personal injury attorney may be able to guide accident victims through the process.


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