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Accidents that involve uninsured drivers

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Car Accidents |

North Carolina residents are required by law to possess liability insurance if they own a motor vehicle. However, some drivers neglect this responsibility, and the number of motorists who drive without liability insurance increases whenever the economy takes a downturn.

The Insurance Research Council reported in a study that one out of every seven motorists in America did not possess liability insurance in 2009. This fact can represent a significant problem for a person who becomes involved in a motor vehicle accident with one of these uninsured drivers.

The accident claim process

Typically, the insurance company for the driver who is at fault for the accident is responsible for the compensation. When the other driver does not possess insurance or sufficient assets to pay for damages, it can become complicated to recoup losses that result from an auto accident.

Policies are available to motorists who want to protect themselves against having to come up with the total costs for repairs after an accident with uninsured drivers. Insurance companies will charge a little more for monthly premiums that provide compensation for accidents that involve drivers with either no insurance or insufficient insurance.

North Carolina uses a “contributory negligence” policy when determining the at-fault driver in an accident. This system makes it necessary for a driver to be 100% responsible for an accident before the other driver can receive compensation. Even when the driver who is not the at-fault party is determined to be as little as 10% responsible for an accident, they will receive no compensation.

Individuals who have suffered serious injury or loss due to an automobile accident will likely need compensation to make themselves whole again. Accident victims with questions regarding the claim process may find the answers they need by speaking with a personal injury attorney.


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