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Frequent ways that motorcyclists are injured

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcyclists in North Carolina face a number of risks, so it’s good to know what the possible accident scenarios can be. For example, drivers sitting at a turn lane may turn into motorcyclists out of sheer inattention, or they may strike the motorcyclist while changing lanes. In both cases, a rider should look for anything that will show the driver’s next move, such as the position of the wheels.

Motorcyclists and sharp corners

Other scenarios involve sharp turns. Motorcyclists should anticipate these by referring to signs or the direction that the telephone poles move. If they have gone into a turn too fast, it’s better to ride it out rather than brake. By going slowly and practicing trail braking, they can also avoid road hazards such as gravel and leaves.

This brings up another common scenario — motorcyclists wiping out on slippery roads. However, this usually only happens with bad tires. Slow down, be aware of the limited visibility other drivers must deal with and, if possible, wait until the first hour of rainfall to head out (the first hour of rainfall is the most treacherous).

Rear-end collisions and more

Bikers may also be hurt in rear-end collisions, but they can avoid this by using cars as their crumple zone. Other common scenarios include bikers colliding with open car doors, locking their front brakes and riding drunk.

When motorcyclists are injured by another

Most motorcycle and motor vehicle crashes are the result of negligence on one side or another. North Carolina follows a pure contributory negligence rule, which means that victims who wish to file a claim against the other’s insurance company must be absolutely free from fault. It’s a strict rule, and you may want a lawyer to see if your case will hold up. The lawyer could help with negotiations, too.


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