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Keyboard cleaner may cause problems for your teenager

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Raising teenagers in North Carolina or anywhere else can be challenging. As kids age, they go through a variety of metabolic and hormonal changes that tend to affect personality. Even worse, your son or daughter may decide to experiment with illicit drugs. 

A drug does not have to be on the government’s list of controlled substances to be dangerous. On the contrary, if your child misuses some everyday products, he or she may encounter a variety of health and legal consequences. Keyboard cleaner is one such product. 

Dusting violates state law 

If your son or daughter uses keyboard cleaner to get high, he or she may refer to the practice as “dusting.” North Carolina prohibits inhaling fumes for the purpose of intoxication. Keyboard cleaner, nail polish, paint, glue, hairspray and dozens of other products emit fumes that can trigger a high after inhalation. 

Inhaling fumes is a misdemeanor in the Tar Heel State. Possessing paraphernalia also usually has criminal consequences. While your child may have some options, such as completing a drug court program, dusting may leave him or her with a criminal record that lasts a lifetime. 

Dusting is dangerous 

Inhaling certain substances may cause a teenager to feel euphoric. Still, doing so is a mistake. That is, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, dusting may contribute to any of the following: 

  •         Hearing loss
  •         Brain damage
  •         Kidney failure
  •         Bone marrow loss 

After inhaling certain substances, a teen may also have trouble making good decisions. For example, impaired judgment may increase a person’s chances of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease. Your child may also experience depression or have suicidal inclinations. 

Clearly, you would never let your teenager use heroin, cocaine or meth. Unfortunately, though, because household products can be dangerous, you must also watch for signs of dusting. By understanding the health risks and legal consequences of inhaling keyboard cleaner, you can better help your young one stay out of trouble.


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