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Can a drug possession charge save your child’s life?

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Opioid overdoses are becoming far too familiar, and North Carolina is not immune. Parents face impossible odds, and getting their kids help seems more and more difficult. The epidemic is all too sobering, especially for parents of college students.

Receiving a call from your child that he or she is under arrest is likely to make your stomach knot up. While no parent wants to see a child locked up, there is a possible upside. Getting your kid drug treatment now after a scary experience may save his or her life. Discover how a drug possession charge may work in helping your child get clean.

An alternative to a criminal record

When facing criminal charges dealing with drugs, an attorney may help work out a few avenues. One of the best options for college-age offenders is drug court. This process is not easy, but it can provide several benefits. Drug court is a diversion program. Once completed, the court may expunge the criminal record. For college-age kids, not having a criminal record may help them retain financial aid and proceed into the workforce without a blemish on their background report.

Drug court ins and outs

Not all offenses qualify for drug court, but many do. If your child is a first-time offender, and if the charge is not a major felony, the best avenue may go through drug court. In these proceedings, a judge assigns several tasks that the offender must complete. Most often, the main one includes attendance at drug treatment and rehabilitation sessions. Some of these may occur in a group setting while others may have to do with a one-on-one counselor. Judges also want frequent and random drug testing to ensure the offender is taking the matter seriously.

Drug court and its boundaries may save your child’s life. The recovery protocol and stringent rules judges subscribe to make it difficult to cheat through the process. While that drug charge seemed horrific at first, understanding that it may lead to recovery may make it a blessing in disguise.


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