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Getting a passport after facing drug charges can be challenging

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | Drug Charges |

A sunny, sandy, tropical beach starts to sound really tempting as winter steadily approaches. Just the thought of dipping your toes in the warm ocean water may have you pulling up travel blogs and researching your next vacation destination for 2018.

Then you realize there is a problem-to go out of the country you will need a passport, and you haven’t applied for one in a few years. As you start the application process, you begin to worry about the drug charges you have on your record from an out-of-hand night a couple of years back. Will the passport services deny your application?

Applying for a passport after drug convictions

When a drug charge is a misdemeanor, you can often get a passport with no problem. The trouble comes when you are facing drug-related felony charges or certain crimes from specific drugs.

The types of drug charges in North Carolina that may affect getting a passport:

  • Possession, sale or trafficking of cocaine, heroin or other illicit narcotics
  • Manufacturing drugs near a school or playground
  • Providing the equipment or ingredients for others to make illegal drugs
  • Transporting or smuggling certain drugs in some geographic locations or across borders
  • Targeting children in drug sales
  • Willfully possessing methamphetamine, LSD, or various “club drugs”

If you have questions about facing drug charges, international travel after drug charges or your rights being upheld before or after a drug charge occurs, reaching out to an attorney about your specific circumstances can give clarity on your situation. Knowing about your rights and ability to get a passport can help speed up the time between today and booking that fantastic tropical vacation.


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