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A DUI stop can lead to a license revocation

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Our society here in the U.S. is generally a very automobile-dependent one. Thus, driving is often a very major part of a person’s life. A person’s ability to get to their job, perform their various family duties and carry on their life in the way they are used to is often very closely tied to their ability to drive.

Thus, one could imagine how big of a blow it could be to a person to have their ability to drive removed for awhile due to a license revocation. Such a situation is one that being stopped under suspicion of DUI can lead to a person immediately facing here in North Carolina.

A couple of examples of sets of circumstances under which a person can immediately face a temporary license revocation following a DUI stop are:

  • If the person refuses to submit to a breath test.
  • If the person’s blood alcohol level tests at 0.08 or above and they are charged with DUI.  

Thus, a DUI stop can have consequences for a person long before a DUI case goes to trial.

Our firm can provide individuals with assistance regarding all different types of DUI-related legal matters, including post-DUI-stop license revocation. We can help individuals who are facing revocation look through what legal options they may have.

Depending on the circumstances, a person who is facing a license revocation due to a refusal to take a breath test or a DUI charge may be able to challenge the revocation or request limited driving privileges during the revocation period.


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