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Meth manufacturing allegations leveled against 2 in NC

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2014 | Drug Charges |

One serious type of drug allegation that is sometimes leveled against individuals here in North Carolina is an accusation of manufacturing illegal drugs. Drugs or drug manufacturing materials that police found and seized often play a major role in drug manufacturing cases. It can be important for drug manufacturing defendants to have an experienced criminal defense attorney carefully look over every part of the chain of events that led to police discovering such physical evidence, as police misconduct in any part of this chain can lead to the evidence potentially being inadmissible.

The chain of events that leads to police finding and seizing evidence in a drug case can sometimes be rather long. This can be seen in a recent case from here in North Carolina.

The case involves a 42-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman from Carthage. Numerous drug charges have been brought against them.

These drug charges came about as follows. A drug investigation police conducted led to police obtaining arrest warrants for two individuals for alleged violations of federal pseudoephedrine compliance laws. Police then went, with these warrants, to the house the above-mentioned man and woman live in. After arriving at the home, police purportedly spotted items commonly used in the making of methamphetamine. This led to police obtaining a warrant to search the property. According to authorities, during the execution of this warrant, police found and seized evidence indicating that the man and the woman used an outbuilding at their residence for methamphetamine manufacturing.

Among the charges the man and the woman are facing are charges of exceeding or attempting to exceed federal pseudoephedrine compliance laws, maintaining a place to keep/manufacture a controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine precursors, manufacturing methamphetamine and felony conspiracy.

Source: The Pilot, “Two Charged for Manufacturing Methamphetamine,” April 4, 2014


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