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Sentence issued in embezzlement case in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2014 | White Collar Crimes |

Recently, a federal judge issued a sentence in an embezzlement case from here in North Carolina.

The case involved a 36-year-old woman who used to work as a utility supervisor for the city of Cherryville. Authorities alleged that, while the woman held this position, she stole some cash payments that utility customers made and then deleted electronic records regarding the payments.

The woman faced three charges of program fraud in relation to these allegations. All three of the charges were felony charges. The woman ultimately pled guilty to these charges.

In her sentencing, the woman was given a prison term of a year and a day, to be followed by three years of supervised released. The woman was also ordered to make a restitution payment of $92,922.55.

Criminal punishments, like the ones given in this case, are not the only serious consequences a conviction on embezzlement-related charges can cause a person to face. Such a conviction can have serious effects on a person’s ability to find work in their profession in the future. Also, a person’s reputation, both in their community and among individuals in their profession, can be significantly damaged by such a conviction.

Thus, a great deal can be at risk for an individual when they are in criminal proceedings regarding allegations of embezzlement. Given this, promptly contacting and getting advice from an experienced defense attorney can be a wise move for individuals who are accused of embezzlement or who suspect that they are the subject of an embezzlement investigation.

Source: News & Record, “Former Cherryville worker sentenced for fraud,” March 20, 2014


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