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Man accused of growing marijuana in North Carolina home

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2013 | Drug Charges |

A marijuana cultivation case has recently arisen in North Carolina.

The case involves a 47-year-old man whose residence is a home in Dare County. Recently, authorities searched this home. Police say that guns, marijuana growing equipment, bulk marijuana and 76 marijuana plants were among the items found during this search.

According to authorities, the search was conducted after information regarding alleged marijuana cultivation activity at the home was given to police. The article on WAVY’s website which reported on this story did not mention if police had a warrant for the search.

After the search, police arrested the man. According to the WAVY article mentioned above, the man is facing charges of manufacturing marijuana. According to police, further arrests are likely to occur in relation to this case.

As this case shows, home searches are sometimes conducted in police investigations of alleged marijuana cultivation activity or other alleged drug activity. There are a wide variety of different details that it can be important to review when it comes to searches police conducted in drug crime cases, including:

  • Whether and how police demonstrated probable cause for the search.
  • Whether police had a warrant for the search.
  • Whether police had consent for the search if they didn’t have a warrant.
  • What actions police took when conducting the search.

Careful investigation of such details can help reveal whether or not police committed any improper conduct in connection to a search. Improper police conduct regarding a search can be grounds to challenge the admissibility of evidence found in said search.

Source: WAVY, “76 marijuana plants seized in Dare Co. bust,” Nov. 27, 2013


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