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DWI allegations leveled in Wilmington against actor

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2013 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Recently, here in Wilmington, a celebrity has been accused of DWI. The celebrity in question is Christopher McDonald. He has been in many movies, including the comedy “Happy Gilmore.” He played the role of Shooter McGavin in the film.

Early last Wednesday, McDonald was driving on 3rd Street. Police then conducted a traffic stop on him. The article on WGHP’s website which reported this story did not have details regarding why police pulled him over.

During the traffic stop, a breathalyzer test was taken of McDonald. According to authorities, the test indicated that he was at nearly double the legal limit.

Police then placed McDonald under arrest. He faces charges of driving while impaired.

As this case shows, traffic stops sometimes lead to a person facing DWI charges. Many important questions can arise in connection to a traffic stop, including:

  • Was the decision by police to conduct the stop proper?
  • Did police act appropriately during the stop?
  • Were all tests police conducted during the stop done properly?
  • Were there any circumstances present that could have compromised the accuracy of evidence police found during the stop?

In a DWI case involving a traffic stop, if it is found that the stop was conducted improperly or that something was wrong with the tests police conducted during the stop, it can result in the evidence found as a result of the stop being thrown out. This is why, in DWI cases in which police conducted a traffic stop, it can be important to carefully investigate the details of the stop.

Source: WGHP, “‘Happy Gilmore’ actor arrested for DWI in Wilmington,” Oct. 16, 2013


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