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Police arrest man on drug charges of running meth labs at home

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2013 | Drug Charges |

A person who is operating methamphetamine labs in his own home may find that he’s not living at home too long into the future. There are many reasons why running such a dangerous operation out of your home will come to the attention of the police. That realization may have dawned on a North Carolina man who was recently accused of running meth labs in his Rowan County home, and arrested on multiple drug charges.

Rowan County authorities armed with search warrants raided the 32-year-old man’s Rockwell home recently. They say they found six different one-ounce meth labs for drug manufacture in addition to several drug related items in the man’s home. They charged him with several meth-related drug charges and remanded him to county jail with bail set at $75,000.

The man was not home at the time of the raid, but he surrendered to authorities after the search was completed. The Rowan County Sheriff’s department confirmed that there was an ongoing investigation and further arrests on drug charges may follow. The police are now sitting in the driver’s seat so to speak with the accused man. If he wants to get some of the charges dropped and fare better at sentencing, he’ll let the police know who else is involved. In fact, that is possibly what the police are referring to when they mention an ‘ongoing’ investigation.

In any event, each prosecution for drug charges in North Carolina arises under its own set of facts. There may be informants who’ve already signed on with the police, making the arrested man’s cooperation in some instances less important. It’s impossible to predict the layers of different possibilities, which makes it highly inadvisable to try and negotiate with the authorities without having the assistance and protection of counsel. Many an accused individual has ended up with a very raw deal by trying to accommodate the police without professional guidance. It’s wise to remember also that a raw deal is not something that an accused can later reject, except in very limited situations.

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