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North Carolina car accident kills teen, alcohol and speed blamed

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2013 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The cause of a tragic North Carolina car accident has been linked to high speed and drinking while driving. The crash occurred in the early morning hours when the driver lost control of his vehicle while trying to negotiate a curve. The truck veered off of the road and flipped, ejecting one of the passengers. The driver deemed responsible for the car accident is now facing criminal charges including DWI, underage drinking and reckless driving.

A trooper stated that the truck was destroyed in the crash and landed on the roof. He also indicated that the force of the impact was strong enough to tear the stereo from the truck’s dashboard. It is believed that the teenager was traveling at a rate almost double the current speed limit when the accident occurred.

The driver and the other passenger were also transported to the hospital. They have since been released. Authorities have stated that additional charges against the driver could be forthcoming. They are now investigating how the teenagers were able to procure alcohol.

One of the most preventable types of accidents involves those where the driver has been drinking. Although the teenager is facing criminal charges in the car accident, he could face additional liability if the injured victim or the other teen’s parents decide to pursue a civil lawsuit against him. If the teen is convicted of the charges he is currently facing, it does not absolve him of civil liability, and it is possible he could be held liable for damages in a North Carolina court.

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