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Woman charged 2 years after Wilmington car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2012 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A sad case is making headlines in Wilmington, North Carolina. An elderly woman is being charged in relation to a car accident that occurred almost two years ago. Any time negligence is involved and causes someone’s death, the victim’s family will have legal rights in a civil court. There has been no word on any civil action from the victim’s family, but the woman who was driving at the time of the collision could now face a criminal conviction.

Police assert that the 74-year-old woman crashed into an 81-year-old man’s vehicle after running a red light. The man survived the car accident, but died just a week later due to renal and respiratory failure. She has now been charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle.

The man’s family apparently requested that officers take a closer look at the car accident case. Law enforcement obliged the family and ultimately decided to charge the woman two years after the accident occurred. Such a situation can be a nightmare for both families; however, it appears that police believe that woman’s negligence caused the death of the man killed in the wreck.

Any time a car accident occurs, it can have devastating consequences. Grieving families likely have many questions that can sometimes be difficult for the authorities to answer. In this case, it is probable that the man’s family had a copy of the Wilmington accident report, but it is unknown what spurred them to request a closer look at the case. Regardless, although the elderly woman is now facing charges in the wreck, she still may have civil liability if the family decides to press forward with a wrongful death lawsuit over the loss of their loved one.

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