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3 face drug charges in North Carolina fast food bust

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2012 | Drug Charges |

New Hanover County police have arrested three people after allegedly catching them in a drug deal. The three were apprehended by police after an officer saw one of the men dealing drugs out of the back entrance of a local Chick-fil-a restaurant. Police allege the restaurant employee was dealing heroin from the restaurant. All three are now facing several drug charges.

Authorities believe one party involved handed the employee a box of chicken that allegedly was stashed with heroin. When that man was arrested, he apparently had over $1,000 in cash on him, but was apparently unemployed. He is also believed to be a verified Bloods gang member, so he will likely be turned over to federal authorities.

Police arrested both individuals as well as a woman who was at the scene at the time. The employee was charged with two counts of felony PWISD Heroin, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, conspiracy to sell or deliver heroin, and a felony charge of selling or delivering heroin. He is currently held on a $25,000 secure bond. The alleged gang member is also facing several drug related charges, but has since posted a $15,000 secure bond. The woman has also been charged with crimes related to this incident, including conspiracy to sell or deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia, but has since posted a $10,000 secure bond.

Drug charges can bring stiff jail penalties and can affect someone’s permanent record, making it hard to gain employment or even find a place to live. All three of these individuals will likely have an uphill legal battle, but fortunately all are innocent until proven guilty. They would do well to ensure they are aware of their legal rights as they relate to these charges. Doing so could only help them as they attempt to fight the charges against them in a New Hanover County court.

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