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North Carolina meth lab raided, 3 face drug charges

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2012 | Drug Charges |

Three people in North Carolina are facing drug charges after Brunswick County investigators allegedly uncovered a meth lab. A search warrant was executed for an Elkin Street home, and investigators found the meth lab as well as ingredients related to the manufacture of meth. After the search occurred, three people were arrested and will soon be in court for drug charges.

Two 35-year-old men and a 33-year-old woman face several charges including manufacturing methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia — the nature of which was not specifically described. Two individuals were held on bonds of $61,600 and $65,000. One of the other men is facing other charges including felony conspiracy.

Because the man facing felony charges was said to be out of jail on pretrial release at the time of the raid, his bond was much higher and set at $250,000. He has faced drug charges before, related to the alleged theft of anhydrous ammonia from a company in the city of Supply. The lab that investigators raided allegedly held a variety of ingredients in meth cooking, including pseudoephedrine, a common ingredient found in over-the-counter cold medicines.

Drug charges are often dealt with harshly in North Carolina. However, all three of these people are innocent until they are proven guilty. They will have their opportunity to answer the charges against them in court, which includes the right to challenge every aspect of the case presented against them. While facing drug charges can be overwhelming, strong defenses can be built to challenge them.

Source: Star News Online, “Brunswick County busts meth lab, arrests three,” Brian Freskos, June 18, 2012


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