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North Carolina hit-and-run motorcycle accident kills couple

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2012 | Motorcycle Accidents |

A man accused of killing two North Carolina residents from Granite Quarry in a motorcycle accident is now facing criminal charges. The recent crash occurred in Rowan County at the intersection of Airport Road and Village Creek Way. The man responsible for the motorcycle accident eventually turned himself in to police.

The driver apparently ran his vehicle off of the right side of the road. Trying to make amends to his mistake, he overcorrected, causing the vehicle to tip onto its side. With the vehicle sideways to the roadway, it then struck a motorcycle that was carrying a man and woman. The biker passed away at the scene of the accident, and his wife died shortly after while being transported in an ambulance. The driver fled the scene.

A Winston-Salem crash reconstruction team is working together with highway patrol investigators to investigate the fatal accident. Police state that at the time the crash occurred there was a party with numerous people walking around, so a number of people witnessed the accident. This will likely help investigators as they try to piece together all the facts and circumstances.

This type of motorcycle accident can be one of the hardest to comprehend because this North Carolina couple seemingly happened to just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The depth of their family’s grief is difficult to imagine, and it is likely they will ultimately press for answers surrounding the circumstances of this crash. Right now, the criminal charges the man is facing are unknown. Ultimately, the family may assess their rights under North Carolina law to pursue wrongful death claims against those whose negligence was deemed responsible for the tragic accident.

Source: WBTV 3 News, “Man accused of killing two after hit, run turns himself in,” June 19, 2012


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