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2 dead in North Carolina car accident, alcohol suspected

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2012 | Car Accidents |

Driving a car is an enormous responsibility. A vehicle can become a deadly weapon if not operated carefully and cautiously. Unfortunately, even the most diligent North Carolina drivers can end up in an accident, but when a reckless driver is on the road, the likelihood is heightened.

That may be what happened in Onslow County recently when a Toyota crossed into oncoming traffic and careened into a Dodge Charger. Authorities say the Toyota driver did not have a valid license, and they believe that alcohol contributed to the accident. He was killed in the crash, along with one of the two passengers in the Charger. The other driver and the other passenger in the Charger, both United States Marines, are reported to be in stable condition at New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

Two people are dead and two more were injured because of the allegedly reckless decisions of one person. As happened in this tragic incident, when a driver decides to operate a vehicle illegally while impaired, the consequences can be disastrous.

The family of the deceased passenger in this case may pursue a wrongful death claim against the estate of the allegedly reckless driver. Similarly, as the two injured men hopefully heal from their serious injuries, they may also pursue legal action against the estate of the Toyota driver for the personal injuries they have suffered. North Carolina law recognizes the right of car accident victims, as well as the surviving family of those who have lost their lives, to pursue claims for damages against those who are deemed to have caused or contributed to an accident that caused injuries or death. As the families grieve and the authorities piece together exactly what occurred, this much is obvious: One car accident has impacted the lives of many people for years to come.

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