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Heroin drug charges for 4 in Brunswick County

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2012 | Drug Charges |

After a purportedly extensive investigation concerning suspected drug trafficking in Brunswick County, the local police took into custody four individuals that were suspected of involvement in what was referred to as an interstate pipeline funnel, which is purportedly used to transport heroin into North Carolina. These four individuals now face significant drug charges because of their alleged involvement in the funnel. If convicted, they could be sentenced to substantial time behind bars and also be subjected to other penalties.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference Monday, March 12, to announce the arrests. They also claimed to have found a .40-caliber silver and black handgun as well as heroin allegedly worth about $17,000. Local authorities, though, have been unable to determine the original source of the heroin that was seized.

This investigation was said to have started over a month ago when local authorities received intelligence that led them to a 23-year-old from South Carolina that they believe to have been involved in black market drug trafficking. The man reportedly was purchasing heroin in large amounts and taking it into North Carolina. The police say they received a tip that he would be moving a shipment of heroin. They subsequently arrested the four occupants in the car on drug charges for trafficking and set the bond at $1 million for each person.

Despite the severity of the allegations, it is important for these individuals as well as anyone facing drug charges to understand their legal rights, including the fact that anyone accused of a crime is deemed innocent unless and until proven guilty under the law. They have a right to a fair trial and to a criminal defense. Nevertheless, drug trafficking charges should be taken seriously, and those facing them would do well to focus their attention on understanding their rights and options under the law.

Source: Star News Online, “Deputies intercept load of heroin from S.C.,” Brian Freskos, March 13, 2012


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