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Brunswick County police officer injured in fatal car accident

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2012 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It’s always jarring to read a story wherein an officer of the law has been involved in an accident. But, given the sheer magnitude of time they spend on the roadways, a car accident seems almost inevitable at some point. However, wrecks often happen because of negligence on the part of another driver. Recently, a Brunswick County, North Carolina, police officer was involved in a fatal car accident by no fault of his own.

According to members of the North Carolina Highway Patrol, two people were injured and one killed in the accident, which took place on Highway 211 in Southport, North Carolina, early this week. Reports have confirmed that the police officer was attempting to make a left-hand turn when the driver behind him failed to slow down. The driver crashed into the rear end of the police cruiser as it turned, forcing the car left of the center line into oncoming traffic. A minivan, heading the opposite direction was struck head on by the ricocheted cruiser.

The minivan reportedly flipped onto its top into a ditch. The 73-year-old driver of that vehicle lost his life at the scene. The police officer and at-fault driver were transported to an area hospital. There’s currently no report on the officer’s condition. However, the driver faulted in the fatal car accident has been released from medical care.

Authorities have confirmed that criminal charges against the driver are still pending. Undoubtedly, the friends and loved ones of the victim who lost his life in the car accident are riddled with grief and heartache, as they await more information about what happened. While the potential charges the driver may face remain unclear, both the family of the deceased victim and the injured officer are entitled to the pursuit of damages within the confines of the law.

Source: WECT 6, “Names released in fatal accident on Hwy 211 in Southport,” Will Tapper, Feb. 19, 2012


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