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Car accident erupts into chaos in NC

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2011 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Some locations are simply prone to car accidents. A specific area of interstate near Chapel Hill North Carolina seems to be an accident magnet as of late. Four different people passed away in separate collisions at the western Triangle earlier this month. The series of car accidents involved three tractor-trailers and more than half a dozen personal passenger vehicles.

A Charlotte, North Carolina, man witnessed one of the accidents involving a tractor-trailer as he was headed home on the I-40. The man, a mechanic for Toyota of North Charlotte, told reporters that a Ford F250 rear-ended a Chevy Equinox and was then catapulted into the path of the oncoming semi. The 18-wheeler struck the center of the Chevy, causing massive damage. The mechanic went on to state that he witnessed smoke and debris flying into the air and that things were “spinning around like a tornado.”

As a tragic accident continued to unfold in front of him, he was surprised to see an additional vehicle, a silver luxury car, careen out of the fiery carnage, where it finally landed by the recently damaged Chevrolet.

He described the scene as though a bomb had exploded and said that there were at least 300 yards of vehicle debris. The witness did all he could do to help accident victims but told reporters, through his tears, that no one could be saved.

Accidents like this are a tragic reminder of how dangerous interstate travel can be. Car accidents with injuries and fatalities can cause a level of unparalleled grief for victims and their families. It is very possible that the accident victims and their family members will choose to seek legal advice in order to help them maneuver through the legal system and determine if there are possible legal remedies for their losses.

Source: News Observer, “Wrecks on Triangle interstates take 4 lives,” Jay Price and Matt Caulder, 01 July 2011


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