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North Carolina car accident victim injured, mistaken for thief

On Behalf of | May 18, 2011 | Car Accidents |

A car accident of any kind, no matter how serious, can be incredibly frightening. A car accident that causes injuries can be very traumatic for crash victims. A Raleigh, North Carolina, man experienced that fear and trauma firsthand following a serious car accident last Friday morning.

According to police reports, the North Carolina resident suffered injuries in a car accident that took place at the intersection of Woodlawn Drive and New Hope Road in Raleigh. The injured man, who was a passenger in the car involved in the accident, ran to a nearby home seeking help. The homeowners mistook the passenger for a burglar and chased him away.

Residents of the neighborhood reported that the man went to several other homes in the area seeking assistance. According to one homeowner, the man entered his residence and ran frantically up the stairs of the home he shares with his wife and daughter.

The homeowner reported that the accident victim was screaming for help. The homeowner told the man he would get a towel and try to stop the bleeding. He then advised the victim to wait outside because he was bleeding heavily. When the homeowner got outside with the towel, the accident victim had already run to another home.

The roadway where the accident took place was closed following the crash so police could conduct an investigation into the car accident. There is currently no information available concerning the well-being of the accident victims, and it is not clear what caused the crash.

As this accident shows, a car crash can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience for many people. A person may be seriously injured and not know what to do. They may be facing expensive medical bills or costly auto repairs. It is important that all North Carolina drivers take safety precautions to help prevent future accidents from occurring.

Source: NBC 17, “Man trying to get help after Raleigh crash mistaken for burglar,” 13 May 2011


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