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What are the dangers of an unbalanced truck?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Big commercial trucks provide a valuable service because they carry large loads of supplies or other materials across long distances. If you see one of these trucks approach, you should feel confident that the truck does not pose a danger to you. A semi-truck might cause a collision if it carries an unbalanced load.

According to Industry Today, an unbalanced load means that the weight of the load does not equally distribute itself. One area of the load may be heavier than another. This has the potential to cause a truck driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Truck failure

The working parts of a truck are crucial to maintaining control of the vehicle. An improperly balanced load can push down on certain truck components and cause them to fail. Axle housings, truck tires, the frame of the truck and the truck suspension could all buckle under the strain of excessive weight and result in a collision.

Trailer swing

In the event a truck has too much forward weight, the truck runs the risk of a trailer swing. This happens because the brakes become more sensitive due to the added front weight. When the truck driver applies the brakes, the trailer swings outward to one side, which could be a serious problem if you happen to be passing alongside the trailer on the road.

Light front weight

Some imbalanced loads put too much weight on the rear section of a trailer. This makes the front section lighter than it should be. If the truck driver has to react to you or other motorists on the road, performing actions like slowing down the truck could become more difficult.

Rollovers and jackknifes

In the event one side of a truck trailer has too much weight, it can create major problems if the truck driver has to make a turn. The excessive weight may cause the truck to roll onto its side. A trucker may also put on the brakes, but the imbalanced weight could result in a jackknife.

Trucks should also have secure loads and loads that do not weigh more than the gross vehicle weight rating of the truck. The initial steps of loading a truck may stop a truck accident before it happens and prevent serious injury and loss of life.


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