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Pedestrian accidents during the pandemic: How did NC fare?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Car Accidents |

It seems logical that stay at home orders and the shift to work from home for many professions during the pandemic would translate to a drop in car accident and pedestrian injuries. Data supports the reduction in traffic, but not the drop in pedestrian accidents. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reports that pedestrian traffic accidents in 2020 during the pandemic remained at similar rates to 2019.

Even though the rate of traffic accidents is on the decline, the rate of accidents involving pedestrians continues to increase at alarming rates. It is clearly concerning that although fewer cars are hitting each other, more are crashing into pedestrians.

Even more concerning: North Carolina had some of the worst rates for pedestrian fatalities.

What did the researchers find about pedestrian accidents in North Carolina?

North Carolina, along with six other states, accounted for more than half of all pedestrian deaths. The other states included Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, New York, and Texas. The report also found that the majority of fatal pedestrian accidents occurred at night.

How can North Carolina reduce the rate of pedestrian injuries?

The GHSA calls for a combination of an implementation of engineering plans to provide safe walking areas for pedestrians and increased enforcement efforts against those who violate existing rules and regulations, as well as a combination of public outreach and education. If the public knows it is more dangerous to walk at night, for example, the researchers argue that they will take more precautions and could reduce the risk of injury.

What if I am injured in this type of crash?

Even those who take precautions can find themselves injured in a pedestrian accident. Victims of this type of crash can likely use a personal injury lawsuit to hold the driver accountable. An attorney experienced in these types of cases can review your situation and provide guidance. If successful, the case can result in funds to help cover the expenses that result from the accident. This can include the cost of emergency care at the scene of the accident, additional medical treatment, and lost wages if the injury led to missed work.


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