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Air brake failure a factor in almost 30% of truck crashes

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Many semi-truck crashes result from the same circumstances. Failure within a truck’s air brake system is among the most common contributors to commercial truck wrecks. Air brake failure happens frequently enough that it contributes to more than a quarter of all truck crashes. This raises questions about what trucking companies might do to better protect not only their workers but everyone they come across on the North Carolina roadway.

According to Transport Topics, air brake systems contain several key components. They also require a steady stream of air to function as intended. Certain things have the potential to threaten the efficacy of the air brake system. While some truck crashes result from actual brake system failures, others occur because of truck drivers’ negligence.

Air brake failure within the air brake system

If something interferes with the steady airstream air brakes need to work properly, the brakes have the capacity to lock and apply themselves. This may lead the party driving the truck to lose control over the vehicle and its brakes, which endangers everyone traveling in the truck’s path.

Air brake failure due to a trucker’s actions

More often, air brake failure occurs because a commercial trucker overuses the brakes. This has the potential to cause premature brake fade, which impacts the effectiveness of the brake system. When a trucker “rides the brakes” on steep hills, this may also cause the brake system to fail and even catch on fire.

Research shows that younger truckers with less time on the road are more likely to experience instances of air brake failure than older truck drivers with more experience.


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