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What are the different types of distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Distracted driving is a problem in North Carolina just as it is for the rest of the country. Regardless of what causes a driver to become distracted, an accident can happen and put others at risk of injuries or even death. It’s important to know about the different types of distracted driving and some statistics about it.

How many fatalities occur from distracted driving?

Motor vehicle accidents resulting in fatalities are common, especially when a distracted driver is involved. In 2019, there were 36,096 deaths from crashes. That was 2% lower than the number of deaths from 2018, which was 36,835.

What problems are caused by distracted driving?

There are certain statistics for distracted driving that are important to know. They include the following:

  • In 2019, 7% of all car accidents resulting in deaths were due to distracted driving.
  • In 2018, 8% of fatal accidents, 15% of accidents that resulted in injuries, and 14% of accidents reported by police were deemed as being caused by distracted driving.
  • In 2018, around one in five people killed by distracted drivers were pedestrians, bicyclists or individuals who were outside of their vehicles.
  • Distracted driving accidents are often underreported.
  • The rate of fatal car accidents from distracted driving is three times higher for teen drivers.
  • Distracted driving accounts for over 58% of crashes involving teen drivers.

What are the three types of distractions?

Motor vehicle crashes are more likely to occur when a driver is distracted. There are three types of distractions that can affect drivers. They include the following:

  • Manual: These are distractions that cause your hands to move from the steering wheel.
  • Visual: These distractions cause your eyes to move from the road.
  • Cognitive: These distractions cause your mind to drift from driving.

Texting is considered the worst activity for distracted driving as it involves all three types of distracted driving.


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