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Is there anything worse than distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | Car Accidents |

North Carolina is a beautiful state with many amazing sights. With that said, no state is exempt from having distracted drivers on the road. Considering that, you might wonder if there’s anything more dangerous than distracted driving. As it turns out, there are quite a few habits that every driver should avoid.

Eating or drinking while driving

There’s almost nothing as tempting as the smell of fresh food, especially when you’re hungry. However, reaching for your hamburger or taking a sip of a drink pulls your attention away from driving. Instead of enjoying a meal while driving, eat inside of your favorite fast-food restaurant or in its parking lot.

Driving while you’re emotionally unstable

In life, it’s impossible to not react emotionally to certain situations. Regardless of what’s making you feel angry or upset, avoid letting your emotions affect you while driving. It only takes one word, non-verbal gesture, or horn honk to cause a dangerous altercation with a dangerous driver.

Having pets in your automobile

Many pet owners prefer to bring their animals along for a car ride. Before you start driving with your pet, make sure to put them in a crate. If not, you might wind up getting distracted by a pet that’s moving all around your car. With all of your attention on your pet, it’s easy for this to cause motor vehicle accidents.

As you can see, many behaviors and decisions can rival the dangers of driving while distracted. Fortunately, you can help ensure you drive safely by keeping pets secured in your car, avoiding eating while driving and not getting behind the wheel while you’re angry.


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