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What you should know if you are facing drug trafficking charges

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2018 | Drug Charges |

You may feel that selling opioids and other synthetic drugs in Wilmington is a good gig for you to have. However, if you have not yet learned how unlawful the activity is, you may not realize how much you stand to lose. The law takes a strict stance against alleged drug dealers and individuals who sell and distribute them. Not only do you risk incarceration, but you may also end up having to live with the knowledge that your actions contributed to someone’s death. 

You may be under the impression that your charges will not stick because you are not dealing enough for the law to consider you a high-volume dealer. It does not matter how much you intended to sell or how much law enforcement accused you of selling or distributing. The penalties are harsh and lawmakers are working to revamp the laws to penalize small-time drug traffickers, sellers and distributors more. 

Possible defense options 

There are several defense strategies you might be able to use to avoid a conviction. They include testifying against other known drug traffickers/distributors in exchange for immunity and petitioning the courts on the grounds of violation of your Fourth Amendment rights. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, you may have more options that can result in a reduction in charges and their dismissal. 

The impact of a conviction on your life is widespread 

Society is not always as forgiving as time. After you complete your incarceration sentence and you finish paying your debt to society, you may end up encountering problems with securing housing, finishing your college education, gaining a rewarding and lucrative job, and dealing with personal issues from your friends and relatives. 

Your lack of a criminal record may give you a false sense of security. It is not unusual for first-time alleged drug traffickers to end up with the most severe sentences. Do not take chances with your freedom. Even if you believe you cannot afford an attorney, many do not charge for consultations. Speak with one to learn more about your situation and what actions are necessary on your part to mitigate the penalties. Consider hiring an attorney because the price you could end up paying for a drug crime conviction is one you may end up paying for the rest of your life.


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