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5 college crimes (and how they can derail your child’s life)

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2017 | Criminal Defense, Drug Charges, Drunk Driving Charges, Felonies, Violent Crimes |

Think back to when you were a teenager. You might shudder to think about what you wore, how you talked and what kinds of things you liked to do with your friends. Now imagine being judged by those same decisions well into adulthood.

Under most circumstances, it doesn’t make sense to have the mistakes and poor choices of our youth define us as adults. However, that is the very real possibility your child is facing if he or she is accused of one of the following common criminal offenses involving college students.

Common college crimes

  1. Violent crimes (aggravated assault and manslaughter)
  2. Sexual offenses (rape, sexual assault and statutory rape)
  3. Alcohol offenses (DUI and underage drinking)
  4. Drug offenses (use, possession, manufacture and/or trafficking of drugs like marijuana and opioids)
  5. Property crimes (burglary, motor vehicle theft and arson)

According to statistics, there were over 36,000 reports of these crimes in 2015, and that number doesn’t even account for the drug and alcohol offenses.

This means that tens of thousands of students face serious criminal allegations every year. If your child is one of them, then it is critical to understand that his or her life can be derailed by these offenses without legal support and an effective defense.

The harsh consequences they could be facing

Depending on the type of accusation, your child could lose his or her license, be strapped with a violent or dangerous reputation or even have to register as a sex offender.

Each of these offenses can also lead to incarceration, a permanent stain on a criminal record and suspension from school, academic or athletic organizations. In other words, a single conviction can drastically change your child’s future.

What parents can do

While you may be angry and disappointed in your child for getting into trouble, these consequences can destroy their future and make it incredibly difficult for them to put an upsetting situation or decision behind them.

As such, it can be crucial for parents to discuss their child’s situation and legal options with an attorney. Defending against these allegations and fighting to minimize the consequences your child may be facing can preserve their future and help them learn from a mistake rather than pay for it for the rest of their lives.


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