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Theft of an empty fraternity house leaves 3 students facing felonies

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2017 | Felonies |

Last week an empty house belonging to a closed fraternity chapter was robbed by three students from surrounding schools. Two of the students were from North Carolina State University and reportedly broke into the home and took a group photo of the old fraternity members-from a chapter that was shut down after facing sexual assault accusations in 2015.

After spending the night in jail, the suspects face serious charges, including a felony. These charges are in accordance with North Carolina state laws that consider any theft after breaking and entering a residence to be a felony.

Severe charges after breaking and entering in North Carolina

Though other property was taken from the frat house, the main item that resulted in the charges is a group photo worth an estimated $20. Despite the low cost of the item stolen, the three men are facing these life-altering consequences for what may have been a college prank:

  • Second-degree burglary
  • Felony larceny
  • $5,000 bail
  • Mandatory court appearances

Big trouble can follow college pranks and thefts

In the state of North Carolina, breaking and entering and theft of property are both taken very seriously. If you or someone you know is facing suspicions or charges like these you need to have your rights represented in court. Don’t face a felony charge alone–talk to an attorney who can intervene at an early stage and who will keep your best interests and future in mind.


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