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2 homes raided in North Carolina drug bust

On Behalf of | May 1, 2017 | Drug Charges |

A drug raid led to four people being taken into custody in Gaston County on April 25. Witnesses said that they saw two homes being raided on Shannon Bradley Road on that afternoon One person taken into custody had been found with drugs and guns in the past. In 2014, police conducted a “knock and talk” at a home belonging to the man’s grandmother.

Police say that they found 10 grams of marijuana, and they also found five rounds of ammunition and $5,025 in cash in the man’s Ford. In a November 2016 raid at another home on Shannon Bradley Road, police found cocaine, marijuana and a glass pipe in addition to scales. Those who were taken into custody in the April 2017 raid were suspected of trafficking cocaine since 2011.

That was the first time that police allegedly bought the substance from a man who reportedly used his home to store and sell the drug. The last undercover drug purchases took place on April 3 and April 11. Authorities say that the four who were taken into custody in the raids as well as a fifth person trafficked over five grams of cocaine. They were also believed to have trafficked 280 grams of crack cocaine since 2011.

Those who are facing drug charges may benefit from having legal counsel. An attorney may be able to take steps toward reducing charges or having a case dismissed entirely. This may be done by casting doubt on the evidence against a defendant or by challenging the method in which it was obtained, such as by asserting that the search that led to the seizure of the drugs was not made with the requisite probable cause.


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